December 13, 2008

Top 10/ten chemical (company) kings in the world

ICIS, a chemical community magazine has released a list of top 10 chemical kings of the world. It is a list of the CEO’s and CMD’s guiding large petro chemical companies into an uncertain world of spiraling oil demand.

Without any surprise the list is dominated by middle east. China, US and India made a guest appearance. Mukesh Ambani is ranked 6th in the list of 40. He is the only Indian to be listed in the 40

  1. Jurgen Hambrecht - CEO of BASF (Germany)
  2. Andrew Liveris - Dow Chemicals (USA)
  3. Mohamed Al-Mady - Sabic (Saudi Arabia)
  4. Maha Mulla Hussain - Kuwait’s Petrochemical Industries Co (Kuwait)
  5. Su Shulin - Sinopec (China)
  6. Mukesh Ambani - Reliance Indusries (India)
  7. Hans Wijers - Akzo Nobel (Netherlands)
  8. Volker Trautz - LyondellBasell
  9. Jon Huntsman - Hunstaman (USA)
  10. Abdallah Jum’ah - Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)

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